Phase 1 Building Evidence 2018-2023

Phase 1 of HyNet is underway. It will provide detailed delivery and costs evidence to inform the full engineering design work expected in the early 2020s.

It brings together four key delivery areas:

  • Carbon Capture, Usage & Storage at Merseyside
  • Hydrogen supply
  • Mapping hydrogen transport opportunities
  • Progressing trials of blended hydrogen and natural gas for homes

Carbon capture and hydrogen supply

Carbon Capture

A priority for HyNet in Phase 1 is making progress on developing plans for the Carbon Capture, Usage and Storage opportunity at Merseyside. The ‘Merseyside CCUS cluster’ offers the most practical and low cost option for CCUS in the UK; and it’s a vital part of the HyNet picture.

Progressive Energy are leading a partnership bid for government innovation funding to start early work on shaping this is in progress. The UK Government CCUS Innovation fund is a £15million pot offering grants of up to £7m for world-leading innovation and research into CCUS technology.

Hydrogen Supply

Phase 1 also includes delving deeper into how the hydrogen supply for HyNet would be delivered. Progressive Energy is leading a further partnership bid for support from the UK GOVERNMENT’S Hydrogen Supply Competition. Further similar funding avenues which can support this element of HyNet Phase 1 are also being explored.


Hydrogen transport has seen a flurry of research and development activity over the last few months with progress on vehicles from trucks, to trains to airplanes.

The HyMotion project which we launched 12 months ago, has now produced its report and this was launched on 5 June 2019 at the ‘Delivering the Hydrogen Economy’ event organized by Halton Borough Council where it received the support of Steve Rotheram. Download the report here.

Case study

Summary of our transport project.


Phase 1 also includes building evidence for the safe and straightforward delivery of blended hydrogen and natural gas to over 2 million customer homes in the HyNet area.

The UK’s first project to trial a blend of hydrogen (up to 20% vol.) and natural gas has now been approved by the Health & Safety Executive to start in 2019, and a second project is also underway. The results of these projects and other research will be used to inform HyNet. Click here to find out more.

HyNet Project Partners

Progressive Energy are an established independent UK clean energy company focusing on project development and implementation.