What is hydrogen energy?

Hydrogen (H2) is the most abundant element in the universe and is almost always combined with other elements such as in water (H2O) and natural gas (CH4).

Hydrogen can be used to generate energy safely on a reliable basis and is an attractive alternative to fossil fuels because it does not produce carbon dioxide (CO2) when burned.

We will create a brand new network to deliver hydrogen across the region to supply industry, fuel transport and heat our homes with low carbon fuel.

What is being proposed?

As part of HyNet North West we will deliver a network of new pipelines capable of transporting hydrogen from a hydrogen production plant at Stanlow to a number of major energy consumers within North West England and North Wales.

A pipeline will also connect to a planned underground hydrogen storage site in mid-Cheshire, required to help balance supply and demand periods.  The hydrogen storage site will be consented separately to the hydrogen network.

How we'll determine the route of the network

Working closely with our team of engineers and technical specialists, we are identifying the largest potential hydrogen consumers (industrial, power generation and transport) across North West England and North Wales.  The locations of these consumers will determine the route associated with each phase of the project.

As part of our ongoing design work we will ensure the initial phase of the network has the capacity to supply sufficient hydrogen into subsequent phases of development.

To determine the preferred route for which we will seek consent, we are undertaking a three-stage approach to identifying and appraising potential route options for the hydrogen network

Hydrogen Stages

Consulting our proposals

We’ll be organising our first public consultation next year  and we hope you will take the opportunity to have your say on the project.

HyNet North West Project Partners

HyNet North West is being delivered by a consortium of partners, each of which will lead a different part of the project.
Progressive Energy is leading the development of the low carbon hydrogen production plant and the CO2 pipeline and Cadent is leading development of the hydrogen pipeline.