HyNet North West is a regional project with UK wide benefits

We are in the early stages of designing HyNet North West. We are committed to working with communities across North West England and North Wales to shape a scheme that best fits the needs of local communities before entering its planning stages.

The first part of the HyNet North West is to deliver hydrogen production and carbon capture and storage (CCS) infrastructure. We will create a new pipeline network delivering hydrogen across the region to supply industry, fuel transport and heat our homes. Another pipeline will take carbon dioxide (CO2) away to be stored safely and permanently in empty offshore oil and gas reservoirs.

This decarbonisation project has the potential to remove up to a quarter of COproduced in North West England and North Wales. This will set these regions and the wider UK safely and affordably on the path to meeting the legally binding target for ‘Net Zero’ CO2 emissions by 2050 and create new opportunities for the region in terms of energy innovation.

Where will the project be?

The routes of the new underground carbon dioxide and hydrogen pipelines are still being developed. Progressive Energy is leading the carbon dioxide pipeline and Cadent is leading the hydrogen network.


Jobs and skills

This project will create thousands of new construction jobs and enable the retention of many more. There are also wider opportunities for local people. The area’s blend of industrial experience and science create a hotspot for innovation, growing new skills and training talent to work in exciting, world-leading sectors.

Managing construction

The installation of pipelines will follow good industry practice through established techniques. The most commonly used technique will be open-cut trenches.

A project of this size will include some construction impacts on the local environment and communities. As part of the planning consent we will clearly set out working methods and how we will minimise the potential impacts on local residents and keep communities informed of the project.

Once the pipeline installation is complete, the land will, where possible, be reinstated to its former state. Typically, this includes:

  • the replacement of topsoil
  • restoration of access routes and fencing
  • reinstatement of drainage
  • reseeding and replanting as appropriate

HyNet North West Project Partners

HyNet North West is being delivered by a consortium of partners, each of which will lead a different part of the project.
Progressive Energy is leading the development of the low carbon hydrogen production plant and the CO2 pipeline and Cadent is leading development of the hydrogen pipeline.