Hynet North West

HyNet: Aiming for net-zero by 2040

A new mission has been announced by UK Government to establish at least one low-carbon cluster by 2030 the world’s first net-zero industrial cluster by 2040; and HyNet is ready to meet this goal.

It is one of five key Missions set out in the UK’s Industrial Strategy; which aims to boost productivity by working with the public and private sectors to stimulate jobs, skills and investment across the UK. HyNet is ready to meet these goals and create a low-carbon exemplar cluster which can act as a UK model for clean growth.

The Missions support the Strategy’s four Grand Challenges, which include Clean Growth and the Future of Mobility. This latest Mission is backed by the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund which will make £170m of investment available to lower carbon emissions in several industrial clusters around the UK. Primary within this work is the creation of the UK’s first CCUS infrastructure, vital to hit the clean growth ambitions. HyNet’s proposition for CCUS [link to CCUS page pls] at Merseyside offers an unparalleled economic, practical and timely opportunity to deliver this technology, opening the door to a wealth of opportunities for the region.

The North West industrial cluster is ready to be a world-leading low-carbon skills and productivity hub. HyNet sets out the vision to achieve this and create a replicable model for UK cluster decarbonisation. Phase 1 work [link to new Phase 1 page] is now underway to transform this vision into reality.

Find out more about the Industrial Clusters Mission here.