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HyDeploy showcased at United Nations COP24 Conference

Speaking at COP24 gave us an invaluable opportunity to talk about our key projects and vision for the future of energy to a distinguished, international audience.

COP24 is the informal name for the 24th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and took place in Katowice, Poland.
Chris Manson-Whitton, Director at Progressive Energy who are partners in our HyDeploy and HyNet projects.

2050 is not another country. Our children will be making decisions in the world created by the decisions we make today. We need to make practical progress to deliver carbon savings now. In our heat and transport sectors, not just electricity.

Blending hydrogen into the gas grid delivers material reductions in carbon emissions without disruption to customers. It also provides a platform for deeper carbon savings through establish low carbon hydrogen supply, developing the supply chain, unlocking regulatory change and most importantly engaging customers in the hydrogen discussion.

HyDeploy is a ground breaking project that has established the safety case for blending hydrogen into the network at Keele University, and is now building the equipment to deliver low carbon hydrogen.

Through the work at Keele University combined with the follow on public trials which have recently secured funding, hydrogen blending in the UK can be deployed.

This provides the foundation for the HyNet project. HyNet will establish bulk hydrogen production with CCS to deliver low carbon hydrogen to 2 million households in the North West and decarbonise heavy industry, underpinning Clean Growth Strategy.

Positive progress. Today.

For more information on HyNet, visit www.hynet.co.uk