A simple solution to help reduce carbon emissions from heat

Blending hydrogen of up to 20% volume with natural gas can reduce carbon emissions from domestic heat without the need for customers to make any changes to their appliances, or around their homes. It is a deliverable and practical initial step to start the journey to domestic heat decarbonisation.

The hydrogen pipeline network created by HyNet would allow hydrogen to be blended with the natural gas supply for over 2 million homes and small businesses in the area.

A related project called HyDeploy is already underway which will be the first in the UK to inject hydrogen into a live gas network. The results of HyDeploy will inform the volume of hydrogen that can be delivered to customers as part of HyNet. You can find out more about HyDeploy here.

Key fact

The widespread use of a blend of hydrogen with natural gas could save around 6 million tonnes of COemissions every year, the equivalent of taking 2.5 million cars off the road.

Delivering hydrogen safely to customers

The safety of our customers is Cadent’s first priority.

The safety of customers and the general public around gas use and delivery in the UK is protected through the Gas Safety (Management) Regulations (GS(M)R). These regulations are managed by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

The HyDeploy project is currently working with the HSE to be granted the necessary permissions to deliver a blend of hydrogen and natural gas in the ‘live trial’ phase of HyDeploy. The HSE must be satisfied that any addition of hydrogen above current GSMR limits are ‘as safe as natural gas’ before permission is granted for the live trial.

There are also several other projects underway around the world that have explored, or are currently looking at hydrogen and natural gas blends for customers, e.g. the GRHYD project in France.

The results of these projects and other research will be used to inform HyNet. This will ensure that any blend of gas supplied to customers under HyNet is safe and customers are not disrupted.