national & regional benefits


HyNet will create thousands of new jobs across the communities it covers, generating opportunities for local people to develop new skillsets and train to work in exciting, world-leading sectors.

By reducing CO2 emissions, local air quality will improve and make the region a safer and healthier place for future generations to thrive.


HyNet will position North Wales and the North West to lead the low carbon industrial innovation, tapping into the area’s blend of industrial experience and scientific expertise.

This is the opportunity for the region to be recognised as a centre for innovation and clean growth, creating opportunities, attracting inward investment and boosting its reputation as a highly attractive location for sustainable organisations. With more opportunity comes more investment, boosting growth and attracting new talent to spread regional prosperity.


HyNet will reduce carbon emissions by 10 million tonnes of carbon per year by 2030, the equivalent to taking four million cars off the road. This ambitious project will provide world-leading solutions for a cleaner, greener world for generations to come.